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The New Economy – Are you ready for it?


The old economy is dying, on life support, current power structures hanging on with dear life, but just like every dying patient the end result is always death, I am not an economist – I ‘m a physician, I know. Just like in nature, death gives birth to new life, the economy of the 21st century, the new economy.What won’t change is that we all need to eat safe and nutritious foods, drink clean water, have access to healthcare, depend on some form of government and public services, require energy to keep things running, need to manage the whole thing and lastly educate our children.Think outside the box! This isn’t easy, because our brains are wired to work best with familiar concepts and we all, to some degree, avoid change; basically you need to start thinking about tomorrow world using today’s terminology. To thrive in the new economy work on solving today’s problems today AND start building tomorrow.

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