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8Factors is really about you, not us. 8Factors is about helping you succeed with creative strategies for the post-industrial age. Specifically we are here to help you with business design, location independence, getting stuff done, how-to work on your business (in contrast to in it), managing projects and developing great teams and a couple of other things. 

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Who is behind 8Factors?

The skinny (stiff and official) about me: Andre Heinemann is a physician, international entrepreneur, published author, micro publisher, speaker, forward thinking geek and life long learner. He grew up in Germany, lived and worked around the world, successfully managed projects, build companies and helped hundreds of people achieve their dreams. He currently lives and works in St. Petersburg, FL.

Life should be lived, enjoyed and make a difference. 

Hi, I am Andre Heinemann, the driving force behind 8Factors. I am addicted to blueberries, I love running a business, writing, coaching, science, building teams and most of all simplicity, both in business and my personal life. I always wanted to do more of what I love to do and less of the boring stuff. Technology and the Internet finally allowed me to achieve that goal. I love to share what I learned and help you achieve the same.

Why should you care?

Since 2000 I have helped entrepreneurs get their ideas, big and small, off the ground. It is heart breaking to watch so many good ideas executed poorly and ultimately fail, when often it would have taken so little to achieve better outcomes. 

Knowledge is a problem, not the availability of it, but to select the important and distill that down into bite-size, easily comprehensible and usable chunks. ah

The sheer volume of business advice is amazing, yet there is so little actionable stuff; a classic case of quantity over quality. I am not suggesting that this is necessarily bad, and reading the management concepts of successful CEO’s can certainly be entertaining, but how applicable are those concepts to your situation? Worse, even if they were, there is no guarantee they would work! The books are recollections of memories, with all the omissions and distortions that come with them. They also describe concepts that succeeded in a time long gone, making their validity in today’s environment at the very least questionable.

Time is the most important resource we have, so spending your time wisely is the smartest decision any of us can make. ah

Time-consciousness is vital to succeed. Your time and attention is the greatest gift you can give to anyone. We value your time and strive to provide you with actionable information in an easily digestible and hopefully pleasurable format. For us writing is NOT about the number of words or SEO optimization, but the meaning these words convey.

Development is Key

The way you think, the way you act, what you know, who you know etc. all influence how successful you will be. 8Factors dispenses with the BS and clichés, the Self-Help section of every bookstore is full of this already. I am passionate about creating things that matter and make a difference. The web is already full of garbage and creating another half-assed site or service just won’t cut it. However, there are a few key concepts that wrapping your head around will make all the difference, that’s what you’ll find here. Check out DISC 101 as an example.

  • 8Factors is about thinking, independent, critical thoughts, focused on solving problems, devising solutions and achieving goals.
  • 8factors is about marketing, without it you would have never read these lines.
  • 8factors is about learning, acquiring knowledge for immediate application and also about how to learn.

8Factors is Teamwork

“Screw Business as Usual” as Richard Branson so appropriately put it and join our team and help me prove to the world that good business can be fun, profitable and most of all beneficial to everyone involved.

Connect, not just with 8Factors or me personally (which would be awesome!), but build meaningful relationships with the people who matter to you. The memories we create together are what makes life fulfilling and worth living!


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