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DISC Assessment Helps You to Succeed

DISC Assessment identifies your hidden path to success!


How can I be successful?

Still wondering how to successfully communicate your ideas and get to the next level? A DISC Assessment will help you easily understand your potential and how to tune into others instantly to:

  • Be heard and understood
  • Gain influence and credibility
  • Anticipate and resolve conflict

What is the one thing companies like Twitter, Facebook, Amazon and Apple have in common? They have great leaders who know what they want and know how to influence people. Without those skills they might have never succeeded and we wouldn’t enjoy their products and services today.

Influencing People

You too can learn how to influence people, it’s not a myth. A DISC Assessment is an easy to use, extensively validated, psychometric tool that analyses your behavioral traits based on scientific research done by Dr. William Moulton Marston, a  Harvard educated Psychologist.  The insights you gain from completing a DISC Assessment are invaluable and will allow you to tailor your personal success strategies towards your natural behavioral style, reducing stress and increasing your effectiveness.

Let me tell you a little secret: The most successful sales people instinctively know how to do this, but even they can significantly boost their performance once they understand how to use a DISC Assessment to tune into the person they are dealing with. Their natural behavior perfectly matches the requirements of their job paving the way for them to succeed. You know what I mean, you just met the person and right away the conversation is fluid and comfortable, it feels like you have known each other for centuries.

Your Success Depends on Your Strength

You want your success depend on your strength and NOT your weaknesses, something that intuitively makes sense to most of us; yet most people do just the opposite, because we have been taught all our lives to improve on our weaknesses, rubbish! While you are still in school this advice makes sense, because of the way the school system works and your GPA depends on all of your courses.

Forget this concept right away!

Becoming successful is hard work, but it doesn’t have to suck and make you dread your job. You must possess the knowledge and skills required to succeed, however that is not sufficient, because success today also depends on your ability to successfully interact with others. Different jobs require different behavioral skill sets and a DISC Assessment will clearly identify yours for you. Ideally you want to align the requirements of your profession as closely as possible with your natural behavioral and communication preferences

Create Your Success

Wouldn’t it be great if you could design your job based on your natural preferences? Actually you can. Effective leaders have done that for a long time because they know what they are good at and what not; then they simply surround themselves with people who naturally complement their weaknesses and build a great team together, or avoid making their success depending on their weaknesses altogether.

In the past psychometric tools were reserved for corporate America, but now you too can use the same DISC Assessment that many of the world’s Fortune 500 companies in more than 90 countries and 40 languages are using. It is easy to take, no right or wrong answers and you can’t fail. The report you’ll get might surprise you. It doesn’t measure knowledge or your education, it does however tell you about your behavioral style, your ideal work environment, your communication preferences, keys to motivation and things you want to watch out for just to name a few.

What success means to you obviously depends on your definition.

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